The best platforms for social media advertising

by Angela Hedrick

Social media advertising is a form of social media marketing that uses social media for advertising brands, products, and services to social media audiences at virtually nonexistent rates. The major social media platforms used in today’s society include Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you are new to any of these sights, check out this link to learn how you can grow your audience in no time. Advertising is one of the core pillars of social media marketing. Social media advertising is the only mode of marketing that brings in actual sales. In this article, we look at the most effective social media advertising strategies in the market.

1. The Benefits Of Advertising On Social Media Platforms

Every social media update presents new opportunities to advertise and further a company’s agendas. Advertising on social media offers the following perks:

  • Grow your sales and your fan base
  • The consumer-generatedcontent is an opportunity to create more ads
  • With social media, it is easier to do targeted marketing, avoiding wastage of resources
  • Social media analytics allows marketers shorter A/B testing times to determine what’s working and how to improve.

For these reasons, social media advertising is the best option for any marketer.

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook has the most monthly users of any social media platform. Facebook monthly users count at just over two billion, more than China and India’s population combined. When it comes to e-commerce, Facebook takes a firm lead. Facebook allows advanced targeting that is unique to the platform. Facebook allows marketers to target their adverts to users in specific locations, gender, and even ethnic groups. When it comes to social media advertising, you cannot go wrong with Facebook.

3. Instagram Advertising

Facebook owns Instagram, so its advertising abilities are not a far cry from its parent platform. Facebook and Instagram give users the option of connecting the two platforms for a better experience. Instagram has 500 million monthly users. Here is the catch; Instagram has a significantly higher engagement rate compared to Facebook. When it comes to effective social media advertising, Instagram is the leading platform. The major drawback is that most users are younger people below 40 years old, which might not be feasible for some companies.

4. Twitter Advertising

Twitter has an advantage over other platforms in that it gives unparalleled access to mainstream influencers and niche influencers. Twitter monthly users number 328 million active users. Twitter offers advertisers a chance to get potential clients to engage with brand content. Advertising on Twitter is sure to get some attention for the adverts, and it is easier to start a conversation around a brand and product on Twitter. Twitter allows advertisers to see what the public thinks of their work and make the necessary improvements.

In Conclusion

There are many more platforms that offer optimum social media advertising services, including Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social media advertising provides better customer reach compared to other advertising mediums. Targeting social media users with specific interests is easier on social media platforms as data describing people’s interests based on their digital footprint is available.

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