Different Ways of Trading FUT Coins

by Angela Hedrick

FUT coins are usually transferred from the seller to the buyer, which is considered easy quick. FIFA gamers can also earn coins by winning the champions, completing challenges that appear during each game or weekly, or being active in the transfer market. These are great ways to accumulate many coins, but the process is lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, most people result in buying. Check out this link on how to buy futcoins. In this extract, we discuss the methods of trading FUT coins.

Methods of Trading FUT Coins

First, to gain more coins in a shorter period and enjoy the game altogether, there are two ways of trading or purchasing FUT coins. Both methods are known widely and used by the majority of people. They are;

1. Comfort Trade

Among the two, this is the easiest and among the best methods for transferring coins. When you discover the seller you want to use, he/she will ask for your log-in details that consist of your email address, security answer, password, and backup codes. The seller can log in once only, and the coins are directly traded to your account. This is done using an automated system instantly. The log-in information is private, and when the process is over, he/she should log out from the system. This technique is safe, and the EA sport applies no penalty fee.

How to Avoid Getting Banned Using This Method

  1. Don’t use a new account. Ensure you have played at least 50 games before trying to get coins.
  2. Only log into your account after receiving a notification from the seller concerning your FUT coins delivery.
  3. Deactivate the log-in verification on your account.
  4. Collect all coins in the account as soon as they are sent to you.

2.Player Auction

In FIFA 21, this method is widespread. It is ideal for getting extra coins by selling players that don’t suit your team. Some players are weak, have no motivation hence bringing down the squad performance. You can sell the unwanted players faster to get a better player, thus more FUT coins for you. The auction takes place on the transfer market, where they are bought, and the money is later transferred to you.

No log-in information is needed while making it convenient. Same as the comfort trade, it’s safe to use, but one has to be very careful. It is fast, and the process is automated. This method’s disadvantage is that you need to sell very many players to accumulate enough coins to buy a decent player to boost your team.

The two methods have similarities and differences, but they both work to increase the number of coins. In comfort trading, the 5% penalty fee doesn’t exist; hence most gamers lean towards it as the total amount is given o them untouched.

Bottom Line

Trading of FUT coins can be risky, but the methods mentioned above make things a bit easier. Some guidelines must be followed when carrying out these processes to avoid FIFA or EA sports. Before buying or trading, identify the process you want to take and know the number of coins you want in return. This makes it easy for you to select the ideal method.

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