Best GPS Tracking Devices Reviews

by Angela Hedrick

GPS vehicle tracking devices have grown in popularity over the years and are mainly used to track the location of cars. Vehicle owners may have several reasons for monitoring their cars’ location, but one of the main reasons is theft for personal vehicles and visibility for those used commercially. Other than that, the owner may want to know where his/her car is if multiple people are using it. GPS trackers are good, but some like the linxup obd GPS tracker top the list. We look at the best GPS trackers reviews below.

Reviews of the Best GPS Trackers

There are various types of trackers to choose from based on your needs and liking. We outline some of the best kinds below.

1. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Looking at its name, OBD means it’s compatible only with vehicles with the OBD port. However, most modern cars come with this feature, and the tracker is popular among many users. Installing it is easy as you plug it into the port and can also be disconnected quickly and used in other cars. Linxup is cost-friendly; hence it is loved by many and has a wide range of features and functionality and can be hidden for use by the owner only.

It comes with standard features for tracking purposes, but it also allows you access to extra factors like email or text alerts, google maps, vehicle maintenance tracking, driver’s behavior, general car performance accompanied with reports.

2. Vyncs GPS

It is one of the GPS trackers that interacts via mobile App. All alerts and notifications are set and received via text or email, making it easier for the user as they don’t need to keep checking the system. Such alerts include off-hours traveling, fuel consumption, distance traveled, speeding, car problems, etc.

Customers like it for its low costs and high-quality tracking. The tracker can be hidden from other people, and it’s easy to install. It has excellent features like real-time monitoring and geofencing. However, the App used may be slow hence disadvantaging the customers.

3. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker functions using a sim card and a data plan given to you immediately after purchasing from the seller. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last you between one and two weeks, depending on your level of use. It is easy to operate and gives alerts on necessary GPS data.

It comes with various features plus an SOS button that notifies you of low battery. Its monthly data plans vary depending on the amount, and the App can track the car’s past data and provide reports. One disadvantage is it has lights that make it visible even when hidden, and the App used is a bit old.

4. Global-View Hidden GPS Tracker

It is battery-powered and can last six to eight weeks. It has a magnet that makes attaching easy and keeps it in place for an extended period. It has a sim card for data storage and has features like geofencing and a time machine. Installation is easy, and the report provided are detailed. However, clients have issues with the customer support offered.


There are several other GPS trackers available, but those listed above are among the best. Using the reviews given, pick the best choice for tracking your car and ensure it delivers all the GPS information you need.

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