Checklist For the Huawei Identity Verification

by Angela Hedrick

As a developer, you definitely want to get your app developed. Well, Huawei gives you that chance. With Huawei by your side, you have the opportunity to develop apps that of the highest quality. Incredible, isn’t it? However, before you can go any further with Huawei, it requires you to do one small thing. It requires you to pass an identity verification process.

The identity verification process is simply a method used to prove that you really are you.

You mustn’t allow this step to discourage you. There are so many ways you can pass this stage. One way is by getting the right documents for the identity verification process. In this article, I’m going to show you can do it and so much more.

Stick around.

The Documents You Need For The Identity Verification Process

The documents you need will depend on how you are applying. If you are applying as a company, then the process is different. You would need to provide Huawei with the DUNS number of your company.

This allows them to verify your company swiftly.

If you are an individual, then you have three methods you can try. Let’s consider them closely.

Method One

You use your passport and bank card for your verification process. Note that the copies you submit will have to be scanned copies. Any other type that is submitted will be rejected.

Make sure that on all the scanned copies that you submit, your name appears on them the same way Huawei knows it to be. Any deviation might lead to the dismissal of your verification identity.

Method Two

You can use the scanned copy of your ID card along with your bank card (this should also be scanned). Your ID card should have your name spelled in roman characters. Your name should also be on your bank. Note that your ID card must be government-issued. This is an important part of the verification process.

Method Three

You can also use the scanned copy of your driver’s license. This should be accompanied by your bank card. Like the previous two steps, make sure that both copies have your name in roman characters. This is a requirement for the verification process.

How many days does Huawei take to process the identity Verification?

The verification process is quick and should be completed within 1-2 business days. Once it has been approved, you will definitely be alerted by Huawei.

So What Should I Do Now?

The best thing is to read more about your identity verification. Also, make sure that you have all the documents needed. With the number of options you have, getting approval should be easy and smooth. Make sure you do the process correctly. That will save you time and resources.

Final Thoughts

The identity verification is a vital step for Huawei. Fortunately, it is certainly doable. So make sure you do it. Your dreams are just on the other side of success. Follow the steps outlined above to get the process done before you even know it!

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