Ways Huawei Site Kit Improves Place Search

by Angela Hedrick

One thing about ride-hailing, social media, and fitness apps is that users usually lookout for business places while having a particular purpose in mind. The reason can vary from looking to find a pick-up location to locate a friend.

They are demands that necessitate the apps to incorporate their own functions for location search with data for a plethora of different places. Therefore, for that reason, Huawei site kit has made it effortless by providing users with all the necessary tools to explore the surroundings with convenience.

But what exactly is Huawei Site Kit?

Huawei Site Kit

At a glance, the Huawei site kit is the place for all users looking for excellent searching capabilities. Developers are provided with an excellent one-stop place for all their needs. Once they integrate the kit into the apps, users are able to search relevant details of a business place, such as opening and closing times, customer reviews, street views, and nearby POIs.

The kit also offers users the opportunity to explore several places with their vicinity with geocoding capabilities.

Therefore, developers can use site kit to focus on building location-based apps of the highest quality without investing resources on the place search function and collecting data for an unlimited number of places.

Benefits of Huawei Site Kit

An Array of Address Information that Improves User Experience

With capabilities such as keyword, nearby place, place details searches, and geocoding, the users can easily interact with their surroundings. Moreover, the Huawei site kit offers data for over 150 million places, meaning that users can look for a place by simply entering the keyword or even using the device’s location.

Interestingly, when searching using the keyword, the kit autocompletes the name of the place and address as well as recommend the relevant places.

Global Access

Your app will be able to be accessed by a wide range of users, given that the Huawei site kit covers more than 200 countries and supports up to 13 languages. Moreover, Huawei has partnered with several companies like TomTom as it looks to expand its geographical place database.

Enhanced user experience

There’s no denying that the Huawei site kit meets the requirements of users and developers; that’s why several apps widely apply it. Form apps that provide social media, logistics, ride-hailing as well as fitness services, they all applaud the Huawei site kit.

Therefore, it means that integration of Huawei map kit, site kit, location kit, and some other major kits, any app developed, will have the best functions for the user to use in searching their intended places with ease. The efficiency of finding place reviews or even ordering food is magnificently improved.

If you may be wondering how you can integrate the Huawei site kit, all you need to do is simply to get to the Huawei developers’ website for detailed guides for a quick and easy integration process. Nevertheless, the Huawei site kit has almost everything a developer and the user can smile about.

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